It feels really hot these days, so hot that I just want to wear nothing on top like a man. But sadly I can't do that so that's where the bandeau comes in. To be honest it is a rare choice for me because I used to hate how easily it slips down without the straps. But I couldn't help myself to give it another try as they now have so many cute designs. When it comes to styling a bralette or bandeau, which are both categorised as lingerie, it is important not to make people think it as lingerie. Personally I like to pair it with high waisted or mid-rise trousers with platform heels (if you can't go with height, try lace up boots). That way it will balance out the proportion of your body and you will appear taller and in shape. Also it will blind people from looking at the bandeau as an individual piece but as a whole outfit. Last but not least, never forget the accessories! My latest purchased statement necklace from Boho Queen Jewellery is just perfect to cover up the empty space up front, it completes the look and given such a sassy vibe that no one is gonna think if you are wearing a bandeau.
Anyway, forgive me if you see me sweating so much in these photos because It was a very hot day when I took these shots. But these photos still turned out great and I hope you all enjoy the look. 

Lip - Limecrime (Trouble)
Sunglasses - Asos
Statement Necklace - Boho Queen Jewelry
Bandeau - Shein
Trousers - Bossini
Heels - Stradivarius