Weekend Getaway - Xiamen Trip.

I never thought I would travel back to china so much this year. For so long I have lived close to the boarder of china yet I never like to visit there due to safety concerns. However after years and years, china seems well developed enough to become a better place to visit.

A week ago my friend invited me to go to Xiamen for a weekend getaway. We went there by high speed rail because it cost much cheaper than plane. It took us 4 hours to get there from Shenzhenbei Station but it was a nice ride.

Honestly, my first impression when we got there was that It looked nothing like the China I had imagine. Xiamen is a place very close to Taiwan. Maybe because of that the buildings and the vibe over there is very much like Taiwan which made our trip even better.

It was only a 3 day 2 night stay but I had such a great time exploring. And I wanted to share the photos of my trip and the outfits I wore throughout my trip. 
Packing was definitely a challenge for this trip, with limited space in my backpack. The best option was to go with different tops to pair with jeans. On the first day I had broken my boots on the bus while we on our way to our rental apartment. Lucky I brought a pair of sporty slippers and that was how I styled my outfits for the rest of days. I think it looked better than I thought it would be. What do you guys think? 

It was my first time taking high speed rail train, it was cool and i had to take this just before getting off.

This was the transportation we used to get to our rental apartment. We thought it was a tram but turned out to be the bus. The company owned this highway bridge so no worried with the traffic jam.

These were the street views when we getting close to our rental apartment. I have a moment thought we went to Taiwan instead!

Our rental apartment from airbnb is lovely, totally in love with the vibe.

After we all settled in. I changed my clothes cause my boots broken and put on this sippers from puma. Honestly not recommended for everyday hanging round like i did as a tourist. 

This food streets really remind me of Taiwan night market.

Xiamen seems to be very popular with seafoods, but this shacha noodles seems to appear everywhere so we gave it a tried and it was no good at all!! The soup were very flavory, the noodles tasted uncooked and the seafoods were exactly fresh! It was just horrible!

After hanging around a little, we just get a few snacks and decided to head back before crowd.

Look of the day were't that bad?

Day 2 started with a yummy breakfast! Unlike any rice rolls i had here in Hong Kong, this you could choose to add things like egg and meat here with some veggies on top and the sauces, omg it just delicious!

Day 2 we were heading to Gulangyu island. It is an island that claim to be able to see the other side of Taiwan (Althought we didn't climb up the stair to confirm that at last). But just before we got on the ferry, we have plenty of time to spend so we ended up hunting for lunch nearby. 
This Xiamen fried noodles were rather delicious than i expected.

And this spicy and sour noodles also tasted nice, maybe a little too spicy but with great taste.

 This island architecture is very much european style due to it's history and that kept me feel like i am travel somewhere far than china.

It's not like i never seen a sunset before but it's been quite some time that i actually stop and just look at it and appreciate the beauty of nature.

This is one of the famous street snack from Taiwan. It was a long time ago when i first had it, i barely remembered the taste but this brought up those

After all afternoon walking and exploring the island, we were starved and just ended up having hotspot for dinner.

We all know bubba tea came from Taiwan and this one we found in Xiamen is soon good!

Day 3 came in quick. But before we go and catch the train, we had to have the rice rolls and the bubba tea for once more time!

After back to Shenzhenbei Station, we decided to have our dinner there before we heading back to Hong Kong. So found this noodles place and the noodles was so tasty!