A quick share of the day. Today the temperature has dropped to 10 degree, which is pretty cold for me. So, i decided to go with this chunky cardigan just to keep me cozy and warm. When it comes to the cold days, I always love to hunt for pattern cardigans, sweaters and socks because they are very winter like and they really make an outfit pop, even if you go all black like me here. And more importantly, they are pretty warm too. 
Anyway, Christmas is coming up so soon, yet i might not able to celebrate it due to my work which is suck. However, it would be lovely to hear what you guys plan to do on Christmas day.

Beanie - Cotton On
Dress - From Korea
Cardigan - AirSpace
Backpack - Thrift Store (Mee & GEE)
Socks - H&M
Shoes - WEGO