Happy Lunar new year! This 4 days of holiday just came right in time where i can finally take a break and rest and catch up with some of my favourite cartoons and dramas. New year is always about granting luck from the beginning of the year. We are told that wearing new pieces for these days would imply a good fresh start. Though i know that wearing new pieces wouldn’t make much of a different to being granted luck,  but who doesn’t love the idea of that and having an excuse to go shopping? And yes, i love shopping a lot and i am becoming a shopaholic even more since i became a blogger. However, things that i bought do not always get a chance to be worn due to the weather or due to the difficulties of styling them. So this new year i decided to challenge myself by reviewing what i have and make a look among them. And the outcome wasn’t too bad at all, i mean this look would definitely go perfect for a lunch date or meetings. Wouldn’t you agree? The point is, spending money makes you feel good, dressing up nicely makes you feel good. But i think i should begin with the question: should I style all the pieces i have got already, before i consider to buy more? Then i am able to save the money for other uses and purposes. I just realise the way i use money is so out of control and i need to find a way to manage it before it’s too late. Fashion is a fascinating existence but it can bankrupt you unless you are rich enough not too worry about it and have a space large enough to contain all these fashion pieces in your room. Otherwise i think i should challenge my creativity even more starting now. Don’t get me wrong i am still gonna shop only i will narrow down the amount i spent on clothes, but still aim to feel and look awesome everyday. It’s gonna be tough but i am up for it now. This is going to be my year goal, what is yours?

Lip - LimeCrime (Wisteria)
Earrings - Asos
Blouse - SheIn
Coat - Airspace
Jeans - Bershka
Boots - Asos