My Fall Essential - Headscarf.


Hello there. Today I thought I would share another fall essential of mine which is a headscarf. You guys know I shave my head every now and again despite the season. So it is necessary to protect my head when the weather turns chilly.

I am sure some of you wonder why choosing a headscarf instead of a hat or cap. The truth is I have a small head. It's never been an easy task to buy a hat or cap that fits me, not to mention after shaving all my hair. That's when I became obsessed with the headscarf. It comes with a variety of designs and can be used in multi-purpose. More importantly, it is adjustable to fit me. The only problem is they can be a little cheeky to style hence it's Of course unless you want to be bold which I am still experimenting with that. I am sure you are going to see me wear it all fall because it helps keep me warm from the wind blow.

Photo by Christopher Au

Photo by Christopher Au

Headscarf - Taobao
Leather jacket - Thrifted (Me & G)
Top - Thrifted (Mee & Gee)
Pants - SheIn
Bum bag - Global Work
Sandal - Adidas

Have you ever styled with a headscarf and how would you wear it? I would love to know about it. I hope you enjoy the look I put together here, and I will see you in my next post. Until next time. Xx