My Regular Shopping Site.

Hello there, sale month is finally here, and I am so excited about it. Thought I would share some of my regular online shopping websites here. If you have followed my blog, you probably know some or all of them already. Before I start, I want to be clear about the standard I used to pick these sites and keep in mind that some of them only apply to ship within Asian countries.


So the main things I usually look into a shopping site is international free shipping. Which isn't easy to find when you live outside of US, UK, Europe or Australia. And what happens is they usually set an amount of money you need to spend to enjoy the free shipping which is fine by me. I mean it is the best deal I can get. Besides, it is easy for me to fulfill because I am a shopaholic. The second thing I look for is the product variety and if it is up to dated to the current trends. As we all know, to understand what seems to look best on us is through the trend.
Last but not least is the price and quality. As much as I want to get everything at a lower price, I also have to be sure they maintain some quality to feel worthy of what we paid.


So let's get started. - One of my favorite sites to go shopping, which also has an app. They provide free shipping on spending around 490 HKD, and they have discounted codes all the time. Their quality depends on the item you get. The basic usually have better quality but read the reviews if you want to be sure. - A Taiwanese website focuses on feminine clothing. Free shipping when spending over 400HKD. Fine quality and again depends on what you get. - Probably the most popular shopping site around the world. Comes with an app. Provides different branding products. Free shipping on any purchase. - Another favorite shopping site of mine with a mixture of brands I love. If you are looking for bold and stylish clothing, even makeup, this is the place. Free shipping when spending over 1500HKD. - I only shop for beauty products here, but they have a lot more than that. They also cover designer brands. Comes with an app. They don't have free shipping, but you can join the unlimited deliveries for a year by paying 450HKD and then free shipping within the times. - Kind of like an online grocery store with a good bargain of products. Comes with an app. Free shipping when spending over 390 HKD. - A Chinese version of Amazon or eBay. Comes with an app. Can be very cheap but have to be careful with choices and need to read a lot of reviews to get a good product. Not exactly free shipping but with such a low price I would say I am okay with it.


Just be aware that the free shipping requirements above might not be accurate which depends on its rate.

Photos by Christopher Au

Photos by Christopher Au

Top - Thrifted (Mee&Gee)
Bandeau - SheIn
Earring - Airspace
Belt - SheIn
Overall - SheIn
Heels - Asos

So that's it. These are the ones I shopped with the most. What is your favorite online store to shop? If you happen to know any good one that I missed, drop me a comment! I would love to know. Until next time. Xx

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