Mine Little Chit-Chat - The Sale Temptation.


Hello there. Over the past week, I have tried to tidy up my room and started to transit my winter clothes. As you know, this month sales are just over, so I got a bunch of stuff that I need to sort out and fit into my room. I won't say I went too crazy this month because I already went over my budget for the pre-sale week. So I have to stop myself from getting more on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, even though that means I am going to miss out on some great deals.


It is essential to know your limit and be able to stop when facing temptation. You guys know I am a shopaholic, so it is hard for me to stop, but while I am tidying my room I realize I have so much stuff that I can't find any space to store it! And more, most of these clothes and shoes I still haven't even worn. So I said to myself, I will just try them on all over the next few months and get rid of the ones I don't like and then I will get some new ones again. In the meantime, I will still set a little budget for myself just in case I can't help it. I will see how I go and post an update for you guys after that.


I wonder if that happens to everyone, that we often get blinded from the sale and buy a bunch of stuff home thinking how lucky we are to catch on such great deals - and yet we rarely have used or wear any of them, and we just kept repeating the process over and over until we realise we cannot find a place to store them and some of them can no longer be used? In the end, we all just wasted our money.

Photo taken by Wynna Li

Photo taken by Wynna Li

Top - Airspace
Hat - H&M
Dress - Shein
Boots - Dolls Kill

If you are like me in this case. I will ask you to go through your closet, your drawer, pick out the things you bought but never been worn or used before and start wearing and using them, starting now. And I will do the same and share the look I can create here. So stay tuned and I see you on my next post. Xx