Mine Little Chit-Chat - The Sale Temptation 3.


So, I realize there is no way I can stop myself from shopping. My problem is I might spend less money, yet the quantity remains. Which means I only learn to buy things at a lower price. But that's not what I aim to do. The reason I want to stop buying is that I already own too many clothes yet not every one of them has been worn. So I have to stop buying until I try them all and get rid of the unwanted items. Truth is I get tempted too easily, especially when you know there is a sale. And I get regret easily right after I throw away the clothes. But I need space, and it is the only right thing to do. So over this coming month, I am going to have a lot tidy up to do. Hopefully, I might be able to clean up a small space for myself to do some workout.

Photo taken by Christopher Au

Photo taken by Christopher Au

Anyway, I have put together a plaid on a plaid look today. Usually, I would avoid two strong patterns together unless it is a set. However, it must be the contrast of the colour and patterns have created a harmony that lets both pieces go perfectly well together. I also went for a white thigh high sock which turn out looking like I am a student. Well at least that my dad's comment lol. I hope you enjoy this look and I see you on my next one. Xx

Dress - Thrifted (Mee & Gee)
Blazer - From Mum
Shoes - Wego