How I Style a Basic Romper.


Hello there. So I have been looking through my wardrobe and think of transitioning my spring/summer clothing and doing a little clean up with my old/unwanted clothes. During my tidy up, I found this front cut romper I purchased a while ago. I have never  worn it because I realize my belly fat would have made me look like a pregnant woman, but I think it is a great basic piece to mix style with other garments such as sheer or fishnet top/dress. So I create this look to show you. 

Photo Taken by Christopher Au

Photo Taken by Christopher Au

Romper - SheIn
Waist Belt - SheIn
Sheer Top - Gift from Mum(No Brand)
Boots - Asos

The only problem I had is to make sure the romper won’t fall off. So I added a suspender waist belt to keep it on hold which added an edgy feel to it which I absolutely love. So what do you think of this look, how would you style a basic romper? Feel free to leave me a comment I would like to read about it. And See you all in my next post. Xx