Times to Buckle up.


Hello guys, today I would like to share a look I am currently obsessed with which is anything with buckle detail. I know every week I have a new crush over something because I never stop looking at my usual visited online store and keep on checking new items and trends.


But because of that, I got to realize how fast trends come and go. You can say everything is on trend, but at the same time, there is a lot that gets wiped out and gets replaced. That’s why I get tempted so easily and always have the urge to buy new clothes.

Photos by Christopher Au.

Photos by Christopher Au.

Top - SheIn
Sunglasses - SheIn
Chokers - Taobao
Harness - SheIn
Jacket - Wego
Trousers - Taobao
Sandals - Taobao

And for some reason, I’m just so into harness, buckles, and chokers. I think these three things(accessories) are something I can’t live without at the moment. It keeps style fun and exciting. It’s like turning something ordinary into an adventure if you know what I mean. So what're your current items you can’t live without at the moment? I would love to read about it. Well, I hope you all have a good day, and I see you on my next one. Xx