Day trip to Disneyland - Theme Park Styling Tips.

If you have followed me on Instagram, you would know on Saturday I went to Disneyland with my parents and the little one “Joyce” (my cousin’s child). I want to share the look as of today's post and tips that might help you to decide what to wear when going to the theme park.


Like most creative people, I have my style block where I don’t know what to wear throughout times. And that often happens on shooting day or an occasion like this. And when that happens, I usually improvise with whatever comes to mind. Sometimes it turns out great, and most time it is not. But there are a few things that help me and sure can help you out if you are like me.


First, check the weather. It is important you wear appropriate clothes that match the weather. I didn’t expect the weather to be so good on Saturday. And I regret that I didn’t bring a hat along, but of course, you can always get one there (with Disney design) to get in the mood.

Photo by Christopher Au

Photo by Christopher Au

Denim Vest - SheIn
Tee - SheIn
Pants - SheIn
Trainer - Asos
Bags - Airspace

Second, would be about comfort (whatever it means to you). To me, definitely, a pair of comfortable shoes because there would be a lot walking and standing for the wait in line.


Third, is more personal which is based on who you are going with and the environment /activities you are doing. Considering we would have a lot of movement going on during the amusement rides, I decided to go with pants which also helped me to reduce the possibility of being bitten by an insect during the waiting. Also because we have a child coming along, it would be better to wear something simple and casual. Then the rest is about adding your own element to keep the style yours.


I hope these tips would help you make an easier decision to dress up or style. And I will see you on my next post. Xx