Mine Little Chit-Chat - My Style Journey.

Hello there. Today's outfit probably looks far from edgy, more close to elegant if you asked me, thanks to this cute top with the sheer and ruffle details. To be honest, it’s been a while for me to dress up like this. Being bald definitely creates a lot of challenges in daily styling.


Because of my hairstyle, I always catch the attraction of people’s gaze. I can’t say it does not affect me cause it can get uncomfortable, but when you’re truly confident of the way you look, their gaze seems meaningless. Being a style blogger gives me the courage and an excuse to explore boldly. I got to understand what kind of look would suit me better and how could I mix and match to achieve that. By far, punk and edginess are the keys to my style. An element I would keep in my every outfit.

Photo by Christopher Au

Photo by Christopher Au

Top - SheIn
Skirt - Airspace
Platform - Asos
Bag - Vintage

So can you tell which piece of today's look is the edgy element I added to keep this whole outfit look suitable on me? Feel free to leave a comment down below, and I would be happy to read about it.