Mean While.


I’m back with animal prints. Apparently, zebra prints have been one of my most purchased items recently. And this piece is a romper. I know how often I said I can't wear a romper alone now because I seriously gained a lot of weight(belly fat), yet I can't help to get more because they are very comfortable to wear.


The truth is, I would get a bodysuit if they have a size to fit for me. But clearly, the regular shopping site I visit is aimed for a European body type so they will never fit me. So I get romper instead. The only difference is it causes quite a lot of effort when going to the toilet. Due to my awareness of the body fat, I come to put on a wide leg pant and a front cut hoodie to hide what needs to be hidden but more to keep me warm enough from this unpredictable spring weather.

Photo by Christopher Au

Photo by Christopher Au

Hoodies - SheIn
Romper - SheIn
Pants - Asos
Trainer - Asos
Bag - Airspace

Anyway, I’ve been feeling stressed out from work over the past two months. Workload just overwhelms me in a way that I feel like I might suffocate. That's why I haven't been updating much on my Instagram as I need times to reclaim myself. But my blog will still be updated regularly. Okay maybe running a little late but still every week for sure.