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Merry Christmas - The Wig Experience.

Hello there. Merry Christmas. I hope you are all having a lovely time with loved ones. Even though I said I am considering wearing white during Christmas; I still couldn't resist wearing red because it is my favorite color after all. And due to the Christmas holiday, I am all excited to try a wig finally! Honestly, I have never worn a wig before. However, I have always wanted to give it a try. Just because I think they are pretty cool to create a style. But before it becomes popular, I never know where to get them or how much it might cost. Right now you can quickly get them online, and they are rather cheap if you aren't fixated on quality.


But don't get me wrong, it is not because my bald head that I want to wear a wig. I love my hairstyle, but every now and again I do miss playing around with my long hair to create different hairstyles. Also, you can't deny some looks are way better with long hair. So a wig is the best option. Not to mention they now come with so many colours and hair length. It is no shame to wear a wig now as they are more like a fashion tool to transform and pursue an Ideal look. Before that, a wig was more used by people who suffer from a hair problem or disease that they have to shave all of their hair by no choice. I think the wig is a fantastic invention: if we are in doubt to have a haircut or dye in a specific colour, we can always try with a wig first or DIY with it so you don't have to worry about what chemicals might damage your skin.


Top - SheIn
Jumpsuit - Airspace
Belt - SheIn
Boots - Asos

Anyway back to this look, as promised I am trying out the clothes I bought but never wore before and I came up with my version of a Santa look. Might not be close to what Santa might wear but I do like the look I come up with. Hope you enjoy this look as I do, and once again Merry Christmas. Until next time. Xx