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Fishnet top has always been my obsession but comes to when to wearing it is a question. Especially when it is not appropriate clothes to wear for the winter or summer. Which make it has to be worn in spring or autumn. Thing is these season doesn’t hold because of the global warming. Then the recent rain kick in which lead me to the answer. With the temperature drop after the summer, the rain has become a great moment to wear fishnet.


Style a fishnet can be tricky; the easiest way would be layering it and wearing it underneath a top or on top of a dress or whatever you comfortable with. Being sexy or cool is all up to you. Fishnet makes a great visual to an outfit, even just wearing it underneath a t-shirt like mine here will make you look dope. After that, accessorize it, and you are good to go. I know it is not everyone's cup of tea but never deny something unless you give it a shot. You might get surprised. It is because I have tried it and I fall in love with it.

Photos taken by Christopher Au.

Photos taken by Christopher Au.

Top - SheIn
Fishnet Top - Monki
Boots - Asos
Bag - Airspace

Well, I hope you love this look I put together, and I see you on my next post. Xx