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Day trip to Ocean Park - Theme Park Styling Tips 2

Hello there. If you have followed me on Instagram, you would know I went to Ocean Park last Sunday. Thanks to this little guy here, people who are born in May & June can go to Ocean Park on any day of the beginning of May to the 16th of June or on the day of birthday to enjoy a day of free entrance. Plus, a special offer of 40 percent off for four members of your family and friends.

Photo taken by me

Photo taken by me

To be honest, the reason I decided to go was because of the little one; my cousin's daughter "Joyce." I thought it would be a great opportunity to go there cheap and show her what ocean creatures looked like and learn. It's been a while (probably five years) since I have been there, everything looks different, everything seems changed. But we were all enjoyed our day there.

Photo taken by Christopher Au

Photo taken by Christopher Au

Choker - TaoBao
Top - Uniqlo
Trouser - Dollskill
Trainer - Asos

Before 3 pm, It was a sunny day. And I forgot to put on my suncream and wear a hat. For worst, I wore a black top, which made half of the day as hot as hell. So my advice for the dress code to the theme park. Better to wear something in a light colour. Never forget a hat/cap and a handy suncream. I also recommend you to bring an extra one piece (light clothing like a romper) just in case your activities or the weather might cause you to get wet. I hope you find this helpful. And I see you in my next one.Xx