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Mine Little Chit-Chat - A Current Life Update.

I’m not really in a mood for blogging or even up on social media lately. I am trying to take time to take care of my health, whether it is physically or mentally. As I manage to shoot a look this week, I thought I would make an update here.


I have been very busy at work over the past few months, which constantly cause me a headache. I just recovered from a cold but it seems to linger. I have been put under a lot of pressure and become really anxious and depressed every day. So I took times off to take care of my health and do things that will make me happy such as watching Netflix or playing the game Pokemon in Gameboy version etc. Have gone back to drawing and nail paint as a therapy kind of thing for myself.


Top - SheIn
Tank Top - SheIn
Plaid Pants - Taobao
Trainer - Asos
Bags - DollsKill

I have also been doing some online shopping last month. I bought a few pairs of plaid pants which I am forever obsessed and tons of accessories. So I gonna do some shots of those. So I will see you on my next post really soon.Xx