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It's been a while, so I thought I would do a quick post today. Recently I have been obsessed by tying a bow around my neck whenever I wore a shirt. It is a great way to look fancy without the need of accessories. As you might already know I am not very good with accessories. Basically the choker is all I wear now, when I'm in a good mood, maybe earrings too but never much bracelet or rings, these are the areas I am still waiting to explore. Anyway, it almost seems natural to dress similar to a uniform when it involves a shirt, not that I intend to but when all the pieces gather up together, a uniform look just formed. I think I have mention how I used to hate wearing a uniform, but not anymore, because now I have the control power of how i want it to look. So I hope you enjoy this look as much as I do. And see you all soon enough.

Lip - NYX (Transylvania)
Shirt - Thrifted (Mee & Gee)
Shoes - Wego