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Re-style : Make a Different Ep 1.

If you found this outfit looks familiar, that’s because I did style it before, only this time I alternate it by changing the clothing pieces and accessories which is more trendy and up to date. I always have trouble wearing the same combination of outfits more than once, mainly because that’s kind of like you never washed your clothes and it is just dull to dress the same.

Photo taken by Christopher Au.

Photo taken by Christopher Au.

However I admit there is a time when you can’t think of a better way to wear an outfit like the one you did before, then I will go back to that style but try my best to make a tiny difference to create a fresher look. Even though in visual, it looks alike but technically it is not the same outfit which I found acceptable. Let me know which look (Previous post >White Up<) you think I styled better, and I see you on my next one. Xx

Neon bralette - SheIn
Top - Zara
Pants - Uniqlo
Trainer - Asos