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Simple as a Overall.

Hello there. Today I want to share a really casual look I wore early this week. I know most of the time I dress rather edgy, but there's a lot of moments where I just fancy a simple casual look. And what feels more casual than denim overall? I always have a crash on overall, I think it is one of the essential pieces that everyone should have in their wardrobe because it goes with any top if you ask me.

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How I Style a Basic Romper.

Hello there. So I have been looking through my wardrobe and think of transitioning my spring/summer clothing and doing a little clean up with my old/unwanted clothes. During my tidy up, I found this front cut romper I purchased a while ago. I have never  worn it because I realize my belly fat would have made me look like a pregnant woman, but I think it is a great basic piece to mix style with other garments such as sheer or fishnet top/dress. So I create this look to show you.

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Mine Little Chit-Chat - The Sale Temptation 3.

So, I realize there is no way I can stop myself from shopping. My problem is I might spend less money, yet the quantity remains. Which means I only learn to buy things at a lower price. But that's not what I aim to do. The reason I want to stop buying is that I already own too many clothes yet not every one of them has been worn. So I have to stop buying until I try them all and get rid of the unwanted items.

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