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Mine Little Chit-Chat - Black in Comfort.

Hello there. Another black outfit I styled in one of these warm days. Nothing is more comfortable than a tee with wide leg pants and of course trainer. Funny fact is I rarely dressed this comfortable. I guess having too many options to choose from is the reason. But I don't mind dressing comfortably from now on every now and again.

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Mine Little Chit-Chat - The Sale Temptation.

Hello there. Over the past week, I have tried to tidy up my room and started to transit my winter clothes. As you know, this month sales are just over, so I got a bunch of stuff that I need to sort out and fit into my room. I won't say I went too crazy this month because I already went over my budget for the pre-sale week. So I have to stop myself from getting more on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, even though that means I am going to miss out on some great deals.

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