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Happy Lunar New Year.

Hello there. Happy Lunar New Year! We are lucky to be able to celebrate New Year twice a year. As per usual I am going to wear any red in my look for bringing good luck. There is a saying 'Out with the old and in with the new' to refer to leaving the past behind and begin with a new fresh start. Not that I believe in it, but for the first time, I have decided to wear new clothes during my Lunar New Year break.

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Mine little Chit-Chat - What would you do?

Hello there. I wonder if any bloggers out there ever feel unsure about what to wear at some point? Because I know I do. One reason is that I always try to avoid wearing the same pieces over and over and the second reason is I have problems to complete the outfits within the clothes I already own which keeps my shopping urge continually at a high level.

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Mine little Chit-Chat - Practice makes Perfect.

Hello there. If you have followed my Instagram, you might notice I have been more experimental with colour lately. It has never been easy to style tons of colour all at once because it can feel overwhelming. However, it is about time to get out of my comfort zone and try something new.

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