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Mine Little Chit-Chat - My fitness Process.

Hello there. One thing I have been talking about achieving in 2019 is to exercise/ workout more. Sure I can’t say I am fat, but I do want to keep myself fit in order to stay in good shape. Being a style blogger really alerted me of my own body development, cause it really affects the clothes I want to wear or style in times. And it’s true that I gained a lot of weight over the past few years and my belly fat has grown large enough to be asked whether or not I am pregnant by a stranger which is embarrassing. If you take a closer look over my previous blog post where I wore a slightly tighten clothing will reveal the fact that I have gained a lot of fat around my belly, hips, and legs area.


We all know gaining weight is not an overnight thing, it is actually related to your own lifestyle. Honest truth is I don’t regularly exercise, and I am not having enough rest because of my long hour job, plus, my eating habit is rather unhealthy that cause it. And all this time I can’t push myself to continue the exercise until last month. My eagerness to change kicked in and encourage me to keep on working out. One thing I come to realize of staying fit is not about how much exercise you do but is about how consistently you can keep on doing it till it forms a routine/ habit daily/weekly.


And today, I want to show you the result I achieved by far. I know how rare for me to go for a sporty vibe, but I think I manage every element well enough to look like my kind of style. But more it shows my body shape well enough for the change. I know in visual the legging short still show my hips and belly fat there but definitely not as large as before now. It might not be obvious here, but I assure you how exciting I am when I know it fit when tried on a tighten trouser I thought I would be never able to wear it from a month ago. And that encouraged me to continue exercising and look forward to the future result. I also started to be aware of the foods I might take to slowly change my health to the better. Clearly, I still have a long way to go, and it is also easy to say than done but it all about how determine you are to get to the goal you aim for which basically apply to everything you do. I hope you would find this post inspiring and I see you on my next one.Xx

Neon Sunglasses - Shein
Camo Top - Dollskill (similar here & here)
Legging Short - Shein
Lace up Boots - Asos (similar here)