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Styling Tips for Animal Print.

Hello there. As I am aware that the animal print is taking the lead of trend at the moment, I thought of sharing a simple way to style these prints without going wrong. First thing first, it is important to choose the right piece as a start.


I would suggest an outwear such as a jacket, coat or blazer to begin with because if you dislike the way it looks, you can always just take it off or pretend it was borrowed from someone. But if you think it's still too much, then try with accessories such as a scarf, belt or bag whatever minor item you are comfortable with. And because animal prints are such a strong statement piece, try staying clean with a plain colour tone. The truth is, even if you are just wearing all black, white or cream it will do the trick. Like I said before, even with the same tone of colour, you can mix and match around with fabric to create layers and depth to the look.

Photo taken by Christopher Au

Photo taken by Christopher Au

Blazer - Shein
Dress - Airspace
Belt - Asos
Boots - Unif

I hope these little tips help you get a better idea to style with prints. Feel free to leave a comment letting me know what is your current favorite animal print and what item would you choose to style. Until next time. Xx