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How I Style a Basic Romper.

Hello there. So I have been looking through my wardrobe and think of transitioning my spring/summer clothing and doing a little clean up with my old/unwanted clothes. During my tidy up, I found this front cut romper I purchased a while ago. I have never  worn it because I realize my belly fat would have made me look like a pregnant woman, but I think it is a great basic piece to mix style with other garments such as sheer or fishnet top/dress. So I create this look to show you.

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Mine little Chit-Chat - Practice makes Perfect.

Hello there. If you have followed my Instagram, you might notice I have been more experimental with colour lately. It has never been easy to style tons of colour all at once because it can feel overwhelming. However, it is about time to get out of my comfort zone and try something new.

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