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Happy Lunar New Year.

Hello there. Happy Lunar New Year! We are lucky to be able to celebrate New Year twice a year. As per usual I am going to wear any red in my look for bringing good luck. There is a saying 'Out with the old and in with the new' to refer to leaving the past behind and begin with a new fresh start. Not that I believe in it, but for the first time, I have decided to wear new clothes during my Lunar New Year break.


However, this year is way too warm, so I have a hard time choosing my outfits. At last, I went for my obsessed animal print (leopard print) because it goes well with red colour. It's also my first time to try with patent leather pants, but I don't think it suits me because it only makes my hip look bigger than it already is (lucky my long coat helps to hide most of it) and shorten my legs. That's why I pair with heels to remain my height.

Photos taken by Christopher Au

Photos taken by Christopher Au

Tee - SheIn
Coat - SheIn
Pants - SheIn
Boots - Asos
Wig - SheIn

When I finished my look, my dad keeps saying I should wear a hat. I guess he means my bald head doesn't match the outfits I put together, so I went with a wig to touch up of my whole look. It is my third time wearing a wig; I admit I get a little obsessed because it allows me to change into different colours and lengths that I am too afraid to dye and the hair length that would take me forever to grow. Well, I hope you all have a lovely weekend. See you soon in my next post. Xx